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1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau

1977 Monte Carlo located in Peoria Arizona. Peoria AZ Amateur Radio and Classic Cars.

Vehicle is in great running shape and stands outs from the crowd. Rated at 1.9 - Excellent to Fine. Has 350 V8 engine with 4bbl Quadra jet carburetor, custom dual exhaust glass pack Cherry Bomb mufflers and 2 catalytic converters, chromed differential cover, small 10" deep dish steering wheel, bucket swivel seats. Vehicle comes complete with mobile Amateur Radio Communications - currently has Tri-Band Radio (2 Meters, 70 cm, and 6 Meters), 10 Meter radio and PA system.. and stereo/cd system. Owned since 1984 (2nd owner).

This Monte Carlo is not for sale.

I also used to have a 1970 Monte Carlo that I inherited from my Dad. When I was a kid he said he would give me the car when I was 18 and he did. I drove it for years until it was hit by a 1969 Camaro. It was still drivable, but it was retired soon afterwards and my father bought me this 1977 Monte Carlo. He also had a 1984 Monte Carlo. They are beautiful cars. When I have the chance I will dig up pictures and scan them of the other Montes.

Carla - Peoria, Arizona - 253-778-3414 (Cell/Text) 

If you see someone advertising this car online/offline or using the pictures anywhere, please contact me. We had someone using the pictures to try and "sell" the car on Craigslist. I was alerted by a site user and then I reported it to the Police.  Image use inquiry

1977 Monte Carlo

1977 Chevy Monte Carlo

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77 Monte Carlo 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1977 Monte Carlo Landau  77 Monte

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My 1977 Monte Carlo
By Carla

     The Chevrolet Monte Carlo was a popular vehicle line starting in the 1970's (Severson). My car came into existence in July, 1977 on an assembly line in a Chevrolet automotive factory in Baltimore, Maryland ("First Generation Monte Carlo Club"). On my sales receipt, the original sales asking price was a whopping $5,298. These were known as "personal luxury cars", with mine being the upgraded Landau coupe model ("Chevrolet Monte Carlo"). This is a two-door automobile, which can seat up to five people, it is approximately 17 1/2 feet long, and today would be considered a land yacht with the 1977 model being the last of the long Monte Carlos ("Chevrolet Monte Carlo"). I received this car as a gift from my father in 1984, and still own it.

     Looking at the exterior of the car; the paint color is a medium blue with tiny, metallic flakes that shimmer in the sunlight. On the roof of the car is a white vinyl half top. Along the side contours, there are thin, white pin stripes in a double line effect. The windows are all darkly tinted, and there are two sporty side mirrors that are painted the same color as the car. There are three amateur radio antennas on the trunk lid. The chrome bumpers are shiny and clean. The tires are wide with white lettering on the side. The wheels are silver colored Rally Sport rims with a chrome center cap, and chrome beauty rings.

     When examining the interior, it has a cozy feel to it. White vinyl upholstery was used on each door panel, the plastic side posts are medium blue, and the headliner is white fabric. The small 10-inch steering wheel is covered with a black rubberized material for a good grip, and chrome for the base. The seating in the front is white vinyl captain-style swivel chairs with furry, gray seat covers. The back seating is a white vinyl bench seat. The dashboard is medium blue to match the car color, as well as having wood grain accents. The gearshift knob is black leather with a chrome rod connecting it to the floor console. The floor console also has wood grain accents. The carpeting is medium blue, as well as the vinyl floor mats. There are four radios mounted inside the car. The first one is the AM/FM/CD player, the second radio is a CB radio, which is used for the PA speaker built into it. The last two are amateur radios; one of them being for distance communication, and the other for local talking. There are also two speakers for the stereo system mounted on the medium blue colored back deck at the rear of the cabin.

     This Monte Carlo has a large, powerful engine under the hood. It is a 350 V8 with a 4-barrel Quadrajet carburetor. This area smells like hot oil after the car has been running. The engine block is blue in color. The rest of the engine compartment is black. On the underside of the hood is black felt. The air filter assembly is black. All of the hoses are colored black.

     The trunk of the car is extremely large, and can hold quite a lot. In the trunk currently is a full sized spare tire, two big tool boxes, towels, and a multi colored Mexican serape blanket from Tijuana circa 1972, which is folded up and sitting on top of the spare tire. There is a stereo amplifier mounted on the rear deck underside.

     The undercarriage of the car has a custom dual exhaust system with two exhaust pipes running the length of the car. There are two glass packed Cherry Bomb mufflers, plus two catalytic converters, in order to make the system legal. There are two chrome exhaust tips at the end of the exhaust pipes, just noticeable under the back bumper. There is a chrome differential cover underneath the car, which is slightly visible when viewing from behind the car. When the car runs at first, it smells like exhaust fumes outside. If the gas tank is too full, it smells like gasoline. It takes about 15 minutes to warm up, and has a high idle at first until it heats up properly. The sound of the car is a loud, throaty rumble.

     I've had a lot of enjoyment from driving this car, and have over $30,000 invested in it. I have a website at http://www.1977montecarlo.com/ to show the car off. When searched in Google for "1977 Monte Carlo", the site comes up high in the search results as an authority on the 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, both in contextual search results and image search ("1977 Monte Carlo"). It's been my favorite car, and is my most cherished possession.

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